About Us

Masindi Child Development Federation (MACDEF) was formed in June 2009 and registered as a non-profit making local NGO in 2012. It is an umbrella of four Community Based Organisations (CBOs) of Masindi Project social services centre in Masindi District and Municipal council, Yelekeni Child and Family project, Tecwaa Child and Family helper project and Bedmot Child and Family project in Kiryandongo District in Mid-Western Uganda.


To become an Organization of excellence that contributes to the development of effective communities that enable children to fulfill their potential.


MACDEF exists to work with and through communities to support, care and protect children to achieve their ambitions.


Our goal is that all children and youths in the communities reached by MACDEF should access resources, services and enabling environment that will allow them to exploit their potentials for effective development.


  1. Child centered: All our dealings have the child at the center and in accordance with the best interest of the child; observance of all child rights is our guiding principle.
  2. Integrity and Transparency: All our processes and actions are open, clear and transparent to all the members with clear good motives for the benefit of our societies.
  3. Accountability : We focus to give detailed accountability to all our community beneficiaries, donors and government of Uganda
  4. Gender sensitivity: We are an organization that works to ensure equal opportunities and involvement for everyone.
  5. Continuous learning : We are committed to documenting our success and understanding the weaknesses which we turn into opportunities for growth
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  1. To promote access, and retention to quality education for needy children in communities served by MACDEF.
  2. To initiate, support and promote ventures, activities or efforts that lead to promotion of quality health and child survival.
  3. To undertake child sponsorship activities for purposes of supporting needy children and communities to access resources for development.
  4. To facilitate, support and or fund activities that increase income, and improve family livelihood for effective nurturing of children.
  5. To build the capacity of the Community Based organizations and other members to effectively manage child development program/initiatives and advocate for the needs of children in their communities.
  6. To promote the agency of children and youths to ensure their participation in decision making and project activities for better future leadership.
  7. To build alliances, networks and coalitions for increased service delivery to communities and effective advocacy/ Child protection.
  8. To undertake any other activities that will lead to the attainment of the objectives of MACDEF, but in conformity to the laws of Uganda.